WhatsApp introduces Video-Sharing Feature During Video Call

Communication on a personal and professional level will be significantly impacted by the addition of video sharing during video calls. Users can now more vividly express their surroundings, experiences, and feelings on a personal level. Imagine being able to digitally attend a friend’s birthday party and sharing in the cake-cutting ceremony while geographically separated. Long-distance…

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Speeding into the Future Australian Students Create Fastest Solar Car Ever

The quickest solar car to date was developed by a group of Australian students, who have achieved a spectacular feat that combines ingenuity, technology, and sustainability. This ground-breaking accomplishment not only demonstrates the amazing potential of solar energy, but it also provides a glimpse into a future in which renewable energy sources may completely transform…

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Saudi Arabia’s $24 Billion Investment Boosts Pakistan’s Economy

Saudi Arabia has committed a significant $24 billion investment in Pakistan, demonstrating its determination to deepen bilateral ties and support the country’s economic development. This significant investment creates new opportunities for regional and economic growth while serving as a symbol of the two nations’ ongoing friendship. The strategic alliance aims to improve the lives of…

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