Emirates Airline to recruit new Cabin Crew

The goal of Emirates’ hiring procedure for cabin crew is to find people who share its values and exhibit the skills needed for the position. Assessments are used during this multi-stage procedure to gauge candidates’ aptitude for problem-solving, teamwork, and communication. Those who are chosen will then start a thorough training program where they will learn the skills and knowledge required to succeed in their positions.

Being a member of the Emirates cabin crew is a stepping stone to a world of employment prospects. The airline has a reputation for fostering talent and providing opportunities for development. Emirates offers the groundwork and assistance necessary for ambitious people to advance their careers in flight operations, management, or other facets of the aviation business.

Edibility Criteria is under below.

1– English proficiency in both written and spoken form, with knowledge of additional languages a plus
2– Reach 212 cm when necessary and at least 160 cm when standing.
3 satisfy the requirements for an employment visa in the UAE
4– possess at least one year of experience working in hospitality or customer service
possess a high school diploma
5– Keep your tattoos covered up while in uniform.
6– The shortlisted candidates would be paid an average total monthly compensation of Dh10,170, which consists of a base salary of Dh4,430 plus flying pay of Dh63.75 per hour.

For more information please visit Emirates Official website.

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