Island of Dolls a Mexico most scarify adventure

There are many fascinating and enigmatic locations in the world, but few are as spooky as the Island of the Dolls, also known as the “Isla de las Munecas,” which is located in the Xochimilco canals, south of Mexico City. Travelers, paranormal enthusiasts, and thrill seekers have all been drawn to the strange and uncomfortable location by their curiosity, which has drawn them to its desolate shores. One of the most haunted places on Earth, the island is enveloped in mythology and spooky stories.

Don Julian Santana, who lived on the island in the 1950s, was the first owner of the Island of the Dolls. According to the legend, Don Julian spotted a doll floating in the canal not long after discovering the body of a little girl who had drowned close to the island. He hanged the doll on a tree as a sign of respect and to calm the grieving girl’s restless spirit since he thought it was possessed by her ghost.

Don Julian was still fascinated by the dolls, though. He started to gather abandoned dolls from dumps, waterways, and anywhere else he could find them. His goal was to beautify the island with a great collection of artifacts to ward off bad spirits.

Don Julian became increasingly fixated on the dolls as time went on, dedicating his life to bringing ever-more dolls to the island. He frequently claimed that the dolls communicated with him and that they held the spirits of lost souls, particularly the ghost of the young girl he had discovered. Don Julian maintained his creepy collection up until his death in 2001 while leading a solitary existence on the island.

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