Lost in Time: Unearthing the Extinct Bird’s Claw

Researchers have found the perfectly preserved claw of a bird species that became extinct almost 700 years ago, which is a spectacular archeological find. The discovery, which dates to about 3,300 years ago, offers important new light on extinct species and insights into the biodiversity of earlier ecosystems.

Among the items retrieved during the excavation, the claw which had been meticulously preserved in sediment layers for millennia came to be considered a noteworthy discovery. Because of its exceptional preservation, experts were able to determine that it belonged to a species of bird that was common in the area thousands of years ago but vanished from the face of the Earth decades earlier.

Examining the claw revealed unique traits that matched those of a long-extinct bird species that was known to have lived in the region in the Late Bronze Age. The species and approximate age of the claw were determined by researchers by comparing its form and measurements with known records and fossil data. This led them to date the claw to approximately 3,300 years ago.

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