Pakistan Ranks on 5th largest Producer of Sweet Mangos

Pakistan is now the world’s fifth-largest producer of mangoes after a spectacular expansion in the country’s mango sector. Mango farming thrives in the country’s mild winters and hot summers, which contribute to its ideal climate. Particularly, Sindh and Punjab have established themselves as significant forces in the development of the sector. Their luxuriant plantations provide a sizeable amount of the world’s mango crop, satisfying home need while also making a considerable contribution to global markets.

In Pakistani culture, mangoes are revered and frequently referred to as the “King of Fruits.” This nickname is well-deserved because the country produces more than a hundred different mango kinds, each of which is differentiated by a special flavor, texture, and look. Pakistani mangoes offer a sensory trip that satisfies taste buds all over the world, from the renowned Chaunsa with its melt-in-your-mouth deliciousness to the lively and zesty Sindhri.

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