Pakistani Invention ‘Ekko’ from NUST Named Global Winner of the Better World Project

The creative creation “Ekko” from the National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST) has been named the global winner of the renowned Better World Project, marking a significant victory for Pakistan’s scientific community. The accomplishment of Ekko represents a critical turning point since it demonstrates Pakistan’s ability to pioneer ground-breaking technological innovations and aid in resolving global issues. Ekko, created by bright brains at NUST, is a synthesis of cutting-edge technology and social effect that has the potential to change lives all over the world.

A group of NUST students and faculty members embarked on the ambitious project that would become Ekko with the goal of using technology to create positive social change. The main goal was to tackle practical problems and provide a tool that may actually improve people’s lives.

Ekko, a multifunctional smart gadget that effortlessly blends cutting-edge technology with novel features intended to increase individual productivity and mental well-being, is the result of months of committed study, testing, and refining.

The success of Ekko, a creation of NUST, in the Better World Project competition is a source of great satisfaction for Pakistan’s scientific community and the country at large. This victory demonstrates Pakistan’s capacity for technological innovation, contribution, and good global effect.

With its ground-breaking features and commitment to boosting individual productivity and mental health, Ekko stands out as a brilliant example of how technology can be used for good. A new era of socially conscious inventions is beginning as the globe celebrates Ekko’s success, paving the way for a more promising and interconnected future.

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