Pakistani Squash Champion Hamza Khan Honored by Prime Minister with a Generous Cheque worth of RS:10Million

A special event was held at the Prime Minister’s official house to commemorate amza Khan, a rising squash star and national hero. The Prime Minister personally presented him with a cheque as a sign of the country’s admiration and support for his extraordinary accomplishments at the event, which was held to celebrate his remarkable sporting feats.

The Prime Minister gave a moving address at the occasion honoring Hamza’s achievements and tenacity. “Hamza Khan’s story is an inspiration for the youth of our country,” he declared. He has overcome many obstacles to reach the top and has exhibited the true spirit of tenacity. We celebrate him today for his squash accomplishments as well as the good impact he has had on our children.

The country is behind Hamza Khan as he enters the next stage of his career and looks forward to seeing him achieve even more success and honors in the squash globe. His journey serves as a reminder of the potential that exists among Pakistan’s children and the value of identifying and developing talent to motivate a new generation of sportsmen to achieve greatness in sports.

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