Ramadan Kareem Embracing the Spirit of Fasting, Faith, and Fellowship – 2024 Calendar

For Muslims worldwide, Ramadan Kareem—the holiest month in the Islamic calendar—is a period of communal gathering, fasting, prayer, and introspection. Every year, millions of Muslims set out on a journey of self-discipline, dedication, and spiritual rebirth as the crescent moon marks the start of Ramadan.

A key component of Ramadan and one of the Five Pillars of Islam is Sawm, or the practice of fasting from sunrise to sunset. Muslims refrain from eating, drinking, smoking, and meeting other bodily requirements during this period as a sign of self-control, compassion, and submission to God. Fasting is a way to deepen one’s relationship with Allah, develop empathy for the less fortunate, and purify the soul.

When Muslims gather together for the Iftar meal each evening to break their fast, Ramadan also serves as a time for community and camaraderie. Gathering around the table, families, friends, and neighbors enjoy the joys of food and company while fortifying their ties to one another and their community. Regardless of background or faith, Muslims open their homes and hearts to guests during Ramadan, exhibiting a spirit of generosity and hospitality that is contagious.


01 Ramadan12 March 2024Tuesday
02 Ramadan13 March 2024Wednesday
03 Ramadan14 March 2024Thursday
04 Ramadan15 March 2024Friday
05 Ramadan16 March 2024Saturday
06 Ramadan17 March 2024Sunday
07 Ramadan18 March 2024Monday
08 Ramadan19 March 2024Tuesday
09 Ramadan20 March 2024Wednesday
10 Ramadan21 March 2024Thursday
11 Ramadan22 March 2024Friday
12 Ramadan23 March 2024Saturday
13 Ramadan24 March 2024Sunday
14 Ramadan25 March 2024Monday
15 Ramadan26 March 2024Tuesday
16 Ramadan27 March 2024Wednesday
17 Ramadan28 March 2024Thursday
18 Ramadan29 March 2024Friday
19 Ramadan30 March 2024Saturday
20 Ramadan31 March 2024Sunday
21 Ramadan01 March 2024Monday
22 Ramadan02 April 2024Tuesday
23 Ramadan03 April 2024Wednesday
24 Ramadan04 April 2024Thursday
25 Ramadan05 April 2024Friday
26 Ramadan06 April 2024Saturday
27 Ramadan07 April 2024Sunday
28 Ramadan08 April 2024Monday
29 Ramadan09 April 2024Tuesday
30 Ramadan10 April 2024Wedneday

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