Scam Leaves Pakistani Nurses Unemployed in Saudi Arabia

The plight of the Pakistani nurses in Saudi Arabia began when they discovered that the recruitment offers extended to them were part of a fraudulent scheme. The recruiter, operating under false pretenses, had promised lucrative job opportunities in Saudi Arabia but failed to deliver on their commitments, leaving the nurses stranded and without employment.

1- The affected nurses have suffered greatly as a result of the scam; many of them had expended a great deal of emotional and financial energy trying to find work overseas. They have few options for help or redress after losing their employment suddenly, which has left them in a condition of misery and uncertainty.

2- The predicament of around 100 Pakistani nurses who were duped by a recruiter and lost their jobs in Saudi Arabia highlights the difficulties encountered by foreign workers and the pressing need for changes in the hiring procedure. It is critical to put policies in place that prevent exploitation and uphold the rights and dignity of all migrant workers while efforts are made to meet the urgent needs of the impacted nurses and penalize those culpable.

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