The Sun Chasing Robot Planter Throw Tantrums if you Don’t Water it

Robots that chase the sun and act out when they don’t have enough water may sound like science fiction, but engineers are exploring this interesting fact. They hope to develop a more realistic and interesting interaction between humans and technology by enabling emotional responses in robots to their environment.

Imagine that a robot that chases the sun notices a decline in hydration. The robot is outfitted with sensors that track its water levels. This robot uses a distinctive set of motions and sounds that imitate human dissatisfaction rather than simply shutting down or displaying a generic error message. It may slow down, make distressed beeps, or even express itself visibly by moving erratically or flashing lights in a way that seems upset.

A new era of interaction between humans and robots is beginning with the creation of emotionally expressive robots. It forces us to reconsider our previous ideas about the potential and constraints of machines. The practical advantages of emotional robots and any potential ethical issues they might provide must be balanced as technology develops.

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