Green Illumination Istanbul Bridge Stands in Solidarity with Pakistan

1- Pakistanis around the world place great importance on March 23, which is recognized as Pakistan Day. It commemorates the important turning point in the fight for independence—the historic Lahore Resolution of 1940. This year, the festivities went beyond national boundaries as Turkey’s famous Istanbul Bridge turned green to represent friendship and unity between the two countries.

2- The magnificent architectural wonder that spans the Bosphorus Strait, the Istanbul Bridge, is a potent representation of interconnectedness. Pakistanis find great meaning in its green glow, as green is the color of their national flag and signifies optimism and prosperity.

3- Beyond simple symbolism, Pakistan Day’s green illumination of the Istanbul Bridge symbolizes the long-standing friendship and solidarity between Pakistan and Turkey.

4-The lights were beacons of perseverance, optimism, and solidarity as they shimmered across the Bosphorus. These acts serve as a reminder that humanity’s commonalities, empathy, and understanding transcend boundaries and differences.

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